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Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering

5.95J / 6.982J / 7.59J / 8.395J / 18.094J Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering

As taught in: Spring 2009

Drawing of a young lady or an old woman depending on your point-of-view.
"My Wife and My Mother-In-Law" by William Ely Hill, 1915. Teachers help students see patterns. (Source:Wikimedia Commons.)




Dr. Sanjoy Mahajan

Course Description

This participatory seminar focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching science and engineering in higher education. This course is designed for graduate students interested in an academic career, and anyone else interested in teaching. Readings and discussions include: teaching equations for understanding, designing exam and homework questions, incorporating histories of science, creating absorbing lectures, teaching for transfer, the evils of PowerPoint, and planning a course. The subject is appropriate for both novices and those with teaching experience.

At the end of each lesson, students completed feedback forms to comment on what worked and what was confusing during that lesson. At the start of the following lesson, I addressed these comments. In these video discussions, I have linked the lesson with its corresponding questions as a learning aid, even though I would not have been able to do so in real time. Due to technical difficulties, only a portion of lecture 1 is available for viewing; lecture 6 is missing except for the answers to lecture 6 questions generated in lecture 7.

Lecture 1: General Principles of Teaching

Lecture 2: Teaching Equations

Lecture 3: Taking Account of Misconceptions; Avoiding Rote Learning

Lecture 4: Designing Homework and Exam Problems

Lecture 5: Course Design

Lecture 6: Teaching Interactively in Large and Small Groups

Lecture 7: Lecture Planning and Performing

Lecture 8: Teaching with Blackboards and Slides

Lecture 9: Political Barriers to Educational Change

Lecture 10: Course Summary and Your Questions

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