Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aircraft Systems Engineering

Lecture Notes

The lectures from this course are available in video and audio formats. In many cases, the lecture slides are available to follow along with the videos, and biographies provide background of the guest speakers' careers.

Lecture 1: The Origins of the Space Shuttle

Lecture 2: Space Shuttle History

Lecture 3: Orbiter Sub-System Design

Lecture 4: The Decision to Build the Shuttle

Lecture 5: Orbiter Structure + Thermal Protection System

Lecture 6: Propulsion - Space Shuttle Main Engines

Lecture 7: Aerodynamics - (From Sub - to Hypersonic and Back)

Lecture 8: Landing and Mechanical Systems

Lecture 9: OMS, RCS, Fuel Cells, Auxiliary Power Unit and Hydraulic Systems

Lecture 10: The DoD and the Space Shuttle

Lecture 11: Use of Subsystems as a Function of Flight Phase

Lecture 12: Aerothermodynamics

Lecture 13: Environmental Control Systems

Lecture 14: Ground Operations - Launching the Shuttle

Lecture 15: Space Shuttle Accidents

Lecture 16: Guidance, Navigation and Control

Lecture 17: Mission Control 1

Lecture 18: Mission Control 2

Lecture 19: Design Process as it Relates to the Shuttle

Lecture 20: EVA and Robotics on the Shuttle

Lecture 21: Systems Engineering for Space Shuttle Payloads

Lecture 22: Test Flying the Space Shuttle

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